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The easiest alternative to
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We decided to build something better. And faster. And easier.

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Our co-founders meet for the first time in a hackaton for designers and developers looking to impact the world.

How Klaro Works

Klaro makes it easy to perform anything from simple calculations to advanced forecasting without analytical skill or lots of effort.

Somewhere to Start

Fetch a starting point as close as possible to your final output, through either a guided template, prior file or free-text instruction to Klaro AI.

The Notepad

The Klaro Notepad blends words and numbers into phrases that you understand, expressed in plain English. Gone are the days of complex formulas and references.

Global Variables

Klaro is built around global variables that can be shared, reused and modified without breaking.

Ask Klaro

Use Klaro's AI command to do the heavy lifting for you or gain valuable insights from your analysis.

Playful Canvas

Drag your content from your notepad onto an endless canvas where you can explore, play, and experiment  with your insights.

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We'll be launching the first version of the Klaro product later in the year.

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When is Klaro launching?

The Klaro Beta will be launching mid-2024 to a select group of users from the waitlist. If you want to try the product, please sign up to the waitlist and we'll be in touch.

How much will the Klaro product cost?

Our goal is to make Klaro accessible to as many people as possible. We'll price Klaro very competitively and include a Free plan for those users that simply want to try a basic version of the product.

More advanced features and content will come part of a monthly subscription fee.

Can I invite team members and colleagues?

Of course! Klaro is designed to be incredibly collaborative. You can share your Klaro files with team members and selectively show or hide different content to different users.

You can even add unlimited collaborators to your file for free. We only charge for creators.

Can I import data and files from other spreadsheets?

Data and accessibility is the core of everything we do at Klaro. Importing csv files from other spreadsheets is a seamless experience in Klaro.

We'll also have a wide range of direct data connections available to the tools that you use the most.

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Need enterprise-grade capability, support and security - Plus would like some support in integrating, implementing and making the most of Klaro? Contact Us. We also provide analysis work and build custom models and workflows.
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