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Crunching numbers on spreadsheets is $h#t

We decided to build something better. And faster. And easier.

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Spreadsheets are rigid, clunky, and not suited for modern work

Can you spot the differences between these two pictures?

HINT: It's the same picture

The way we work with numbers has changed dramatically since 1995, yet our tools have not. They are time consuming, frustrating, and built for a desktop screen. Why do we still use them then?

Because we've lacked an alternative. Until Now.

Number Crunching Made Fun

👋 Hello, Klaro

Klaro is the only data tool that makes it easy to crunch numbers without an analytical background. Klaro’s user experience allows users to quickly perform anything from simple calculations to advanced forecasting.

A New Interface

Blocks, Not Sheets

Klaro is built around Blocks that come with pixel perfect design and simple interactivity. Blocks are responsive and designed to be customised and reused easily. With Blocks, work in Klaro always looks clear, refined and accurate.

Template Library

Never Start From Scratch

Instead of writing formulas and cells from scratch, Klaro provides you with thousands of templates that give you a guided start. Simply drag charts, blocks and templates over into your workbook to get started.

Limitless Connections

Forget Copy/Paste

With powerful integrations, data is not limited to the Klaro project. You can  use integrations to seamlessly pull data from other sources into your Klaro workbook, via SQL queries or custom connections.

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